Popular Android applications send data to Facebook even if … you do not have an account on it

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Just a few days ago, we informed that several applications for iOS were sending Facebook confidential data to Facebook. It was mainly about very private data such as weight, physical activity and even menstrual cycles. Not a week passed, and we are dealing with another such affair.

This time, we are talking about services for the Android system (such a variety), which … send data to Facebook even if we do not have an account on it. Sounds odd? The piquancy is added by the fact that it is popular applications (eg Yelp, as well as Duolingo) enjoying a good reputation among users.

The British organization Privacy International came across the trail, which published a report on the behavior of companies, which is not necessarily in line with the prevailing rules. The main problem in it is the transfer of consumer data when the user is not even logged in to Facebook on the device, and even if he does not have an account on that portal.

It is not known what information programs send to Facebook – it is certainly a fact of service opening hours. It was also found that this transmission may reveal non-standard identifiers that help Facebook track a given user through his service network.

Developers of the two mentioned programs after the publication of the report said they would abandon the practice of data transfer. However, it is difficult to determine how many other applications using illegal techniques of gathering information about consumers.

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