Facebook Video Downloader

What is FBConverter.com ?

FBConverter.com - free facebook video downloader our service helps you download for free your favorite videos from Facebook. With one click you can download almost immediatelly any video from facebook and save to mp4 format.

How to download facebook videos ?

It's very easy and fast to download videos from facebook with our downloader, please look on the bottom image, first you need to select correct public available video, if it is private video then it is high probability that you won't be able to download this video.

so if you have correct URL then you need to paste this url to fbconverter, click on recaptcha "I'm not a robot" and click "Start Download" :

facebook video example 1

in the next step you need to click on the green button (right mouse click) and select "save link as" .. and just select folder where to save video.

How to save facebook video in to mp4 format ?

We convert all videos from facebook in to mp4 format, and if it is possible and video is available in HD (High Definition Format) we automatically choose the best one, so you no need to worry how to convert video later on mp4 format, we do this thing for you ! Just save all of your converted videos in to mp4 format.

mp4 format logo

Is it possible to download videos in HD ?

Yes, we always trying first to download and convert your video in HD quality, but if it's not possible we will download in SD quality :)

hd format logo

Can I download live facebook streams ?

Once streaming in facebook is done you can easily download this video using our free service.

fb streaming

Does FBConverter.com store downloaded videos ?

FBConverter.com does not store any of your downloaded videos, all downloaded videos by you are hosted only on facebook's servers, also we do not keep track of downloaded videos by our users, we do not keep any logs.. you are 100% anonymous by using our service.